Who Am I?

An entrepreneur

from Vulcănești, Moldova.

Hi, I am Julian, a digital designer and a developer who has an urge to play around with any type of coding.

Recent Work

Selected Projects.

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My Experience.

I am skilled at investigating brands and creating better solutions for any of their requirements. My profession is to enhance them and creating a complex system for their business. Throughout the years I have created third-party applications, e-commerce websites, secure communication systems and frameworks that handle big data. Other than programming, I have designed plenty of app & website interfaces and logos that reflect the brand's meaning.

At the moment, I am a team member of the 1 Genç 1 Gelecek organization as a full stack developer.


Let's Talk.

Currently I am working on a #project. But don't hesitate to share your idea with me. You can always contact me, I am open for freelance works.

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Languages I Speak

  • English
  • Türkçe
  • Русский