Hello there, my name is Julian, designer, developer, and a creative mind.

I love to solve problems through good design and quality development. Besides my everyday job, I'm excited about traveling, photographing and cooking. Interested? Let us discuss how can I help you.


Capr — Text Based Game Engine

I've always enjoyed some old school text based games with a cup of coffee aside me. Zork Series is one of the most recognized games of all.

Capr — Game Engine - Example Showcase

An example showcase for the end user.

The idea of making a text-based game engine like that came in my mind while I realized that there were a lot of people who are great at writing stories and plots but do not know how to express themselves and the new era does not enjoy a game concept which only has one interaction way.

Case coming soon. *very soon*


I love to design simple and colorful. You can check out my dribbble account and get a brief look at my style. I love to design pretty much anything from UI's to simple logos.

Explore my Dribbble.


I create a small set of libraries for my personal use as well as use them pretty much everywhere.

Mint — A set of PHP codes.

Very lightweight libraries for handling anything from database connections to add small utilities to your project.

Get Here

Raspberry — Lightweight CSS Framework.

For those who do not like to use very common and massive frameworks for their small projects.

Coming Soon.

Explore my Github.